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Y089E automatic fabric shrinkage tester

    Used for dimensional stability testing of fabrics, clothing, or other texiles after washing.

    ISO 6330-2012, GB/T 8629, FZ/T 70009
    BS 4923 Methods for individual domestic washing and drying for use in textile testing
    BS EN ISO 6330 Textiles. Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing
    IEC 60456

    1, The technical specifications of the instrument meet the requirements of the ISO 6330-2012 standard.
    2, Instrument uses full independent suspension rolling technology, high shock resistance, ultra quiet operation, without foot fixing.
    3, Use high performance stepless speed change motor, high speed dewatering coefficient, digital setting.
    4, The color touch screen is displayed in Chinese, and the operation is convenient.
    5, Using 32 bit Cortex-M3 microprocessor, the data processing speed is fast, the instrument is responsive and the operation is stable and reliable.
    6, The high precision electronic pressure sensor is used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the water level.
    7, The temperature control adopts the optimized PID algorithm, the heating speed is fast, and the control fluctuation is small.
    8, Built-in 13 sets of GB/T 8629 programs, 13 sets of ISO 6330 programs; 3 sets of custom programs, 1 sets of manual single program.
    9, The use of stainless steel metal handle and high pressure glass window to ensure that the opening door is more durable.

    front door feeding, horizontal roller
    Inner tube

    Diameter: (520 ± 1) mm 
    Depth: (315 ± 1) mm 
    Net volume: 61L 
    Lift wing: Number: 3 pieces; height: (53 ± 1) mm;

    length: extension to bottom of inner cylinder; angle between slice and piece 120 °

    Outer cylinder
    diameter, (554 ± 1) mm
    The rotational speed of the cylinder
    washing, load and water (52 ± 1) rpm 
    dehydration, low speed (500 ± 20) rpm, high speed (800 ± 20) rpm 
    Water level control
    1 ~ 20cm, digital setting
    Temperature control
    room temperature to 99 ℃, digital setting
    Heating power
    The movement of rotation
    Normal rotation time interval: (12 ± 0.1) s 
    Normal stopping time interval: (3 ± 0.1) s 
    Relaxation time interval: (8 ± 0.1) s 
    Relaxation time interval: (7 ± 0.1) s 
    Soft rotation time interval: (3 ± 0.1) s 
    Soft stop time interval: (12 ± 0.1) s 
    Water supply system
    Water supply flow: (20 ± 2) L/min (the pressure of water supply at the inlet should be higher than the 150kP condition) 
    The water level detection: 2 files, 100mm and 130mm (tolerance = 3mm) 
    Drainage rate: > 30 L/min 
    Washing program
    built-in 13 sets of GB/T 8629 programs, 13 sets of ISO 6330 programs, 3 sets of custom programs, 1 sets of manual single program
    The shape size
    805 x 705 x 1025mm
    AC380V 50Hz 6.5kW

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