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YG026G compression recovery tester
    It is used for testing textile thickness and compression recovery. The machine has a universal test platform, equipped with a wide range of presser foot, to meet the multi index (thickness, compression recovery performance), multi standard, multi standard, multi product testing, achieving the realization of multi-purpose.
    GB/T 24442.1-2009 Textiles - Determination pf compressive properties - part 1: constant method
    GB/T 24442.2-2009 Textiles - Determination pf compressive properties - part 2: isokinetic method
    FZ/T 64017-2011、FZ/T 64020-2011、FZ/T 64003-2011、GB/T 22796-2009、GB/T 24252-2009
    FZ/T 81005-2006、GB/T 3820-1997、GB/T 13761.1-2009、QB/T 1089-2001、QB/T 1092-2001
    GB/T 24218.2、GB/T 8168-2008
    1. The instrument adopts the principle of constant velocity elongation (CRE) test, double column Longmen structure, aluminum alloy shell, beautiful appearance and clean.
    2. The drive mechanism adopts imported ball screw group, synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, AC servo system and so on. The operation is stable, accurate, high and low noise.
    3. Imported high-precision force sensor, high-speed precision 24bits A/D, sampling frequency of 1000HZ, accurate and accurate grasp test force change.
    4. The displacement is measured with a high precision displacement grating ruler, and the accuracy is high, and the errors caused by the deformation of the transmission mechanism and the protection device are eliminated.
    5. Using 32 bit Cortex-M3 microprocessor, the operation is strong, the data processing is fast, the instrument response is sensitive, and the operation is stable and reliable.
    6. Full computer professional software manipulation, software system: simple operation, easy to understand, powerful.

    Range of speed adjustment


    Displacement range


    Displacement error


    Range of force measurement

    Full scale 1%~100%

    Accuracy of force measurement


    Presser foot parallelism


    Work power

    AC220V/50Hz Power: 450W

    Outline size


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